Hey there!

My name is Francisco Baio Dias, and I'm a full-stack developer at Typeform, in Barcelona from the also sunny city of Lisbon, Portugal. I love open-source and coding Javascript, mainly React and Node.js. I also enjoy listening to music and traveling.

My most recent side project is RandomRetros.com, check it out!

I have been into technology since a very young age, as I used to spend a lot of time building robots during high school.

The amazing people from Artica and IDMind found me and gave me the awesome opportunity of working with them on their robot Magabot. They were great mentors and provided me resources to work on all sorts of crazy projects, like the time we hacked a Sega Rally arcade to control real RC cars.

Then I started university at IST and my interests started shifting towards web development so I built a website with a friend which let anyone play with robots from around the world. That was on the first year and it was featured on sites like Wired and the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Being a volunteer at LXJS 2013 let me discover two things: that I really wanted to learn more node and javascript, and that being involved in a conference felt great.

So I joined SINFO, one of the biggest student organized confs in the world, where we started using node to solve some of the problems we had. For example, we created EventDeck that optimized a lot our speakers and sponsor contact process and let us put together the biggest event of the previous 21 editions.

In the meanwhile I also started working for Muzzley, an intelligent platform for IoT consumer world. It avoids the need to have tons of different apps to interact with all the different devices. When I started, I worked mainly on the integration of those devices, doing reverse engineering of the APIs when needed, and implementing their managers in Node. Then I was mainly focused on the API, but I've also worked on the website and core messaging platform.

I spent the end of 2015 in London working for YLD as a Consultant, working alongside awesome people and helping big companies switch from old school stacks to modern technologies like node, react and redux.

I also like to create games, and have a small studio with a couple of friends called Brave Bunny. We have created a lot of different games over the years and are currently working on our first 3D game. Follow our twitter account for news and silly GIFs.

I am now living in Barcelona, working for Typeform and enjoying the sun :)